Whirlpool launches partnership with Youreko

Whirlpool has partnered with Youreko to help consumers understand the financial benefit of efficient appliances.

Youreko is an energy savings tool, installed on the Whirlpool website, which rates products according to their running costs and demonstrates a product’s lifetime electricity financial saving. According to Youreko, 90 per cent of consumers find this information useful to know when purchasing a new appliance.

The Supreme Care 10 kg washing machine (FSCR 10432 S), for example, features an ‘A+++’ energy rating. Based on the appliance’s energy credentials, Youreko praises the washing machine (FSCR 10432 S) as a top model in the UK and presents the appliance with a ‘Best of the Best’ badge. This badge indicates that the appliance boasts the lowest running cost of all 10 kg washing machines across all brands in the UK.

Users can personalise their usage for each appliance to see what their personal electricity cost or saving is. Running costs for the product are also compared to other similar products and recommendations are made when alternatives are found that are cheaper to run, providing consumers with a clear financial benefit when buying a more efficient appliance.

Catherine Balderson, Brand Manager, Whirlpool, says: “A top purchase driver for major appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, is low energy consumption. Consumers are now, more than ever, aware that energy efficiency of major appliances really contributes to the cost of running their homes. Whirlpool is committed to intuitively meet the needs of its consumers and Youreko is an excellent tool that helps consumers to make an informed decision when purchasing a new appliance.”

For more information on any Whirlpool appliances, contact your account manager or visit the website at www.whirlpool.co.uk