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Since 2013 Kitchens Review has teamed up each month with some of the leading voices within the kitchen industry, bringing you their thoughts on the future of kitchen design trends and developments.

Ruby Kiernan

Wlsonart talks surfaces

Having seen work surfaces get chunkier and chunkier over recent years from 28mm to 40mm to 50mm, it is ultra-slim that is the look of choice. This must-have new look is being used throughout whole kitchen designs or together with thicker tops for a striking contrast effect.

Ruby Kiernan, Marketing Co-Ordinator for Wilsonart explains

Nine of the best surface ideas

Date added: June 30, 2016

Matthew Walmsley

Another super successful kbb show for Blum UK

We returned to kbb Birmingham eight years ago, and the 2016 show was undoubtedly the best so far.

Matthew Walmsley, Sales & Marketing Director, Blum UK explains

Nine of the best from kbb 2016

Date added: March 31, 2016

Jon Johnstone

kbb heralds this years event as its best show yet

This year’s kbb Birmingham has been an outstanding success for everyone involved and I am hugely proud of the team that helped to deliver our best show yet. kbb 2016 has reaffirmed that manufacturers are producing incredibly forward-facing and innovative solutions for the industry, and people are responding positively to these changes

Jon Johnston, Sales Director at kbb Birmingham explains

Nine of the best from kbb 2016

Date added: March 31, 2016

Chris Pepper

Caesarstone talks surfaces

Right now, colours and compositions are all about the natural, organic look. Those zingy, ‘look-at-me’ surfaces from the early noughties are old news. The prevailing mood is for surfaces that can be considered 'future proof'.

Chris Pepper, the Marketing & Business Development Manager for CR Laurence, the UK home of Caesarstone explains

Nine of the best surface ideas

Date added: June 25, 2015

Simon Freear

Amica talks kitchen appliances

Appliances in the cooking category offer kitchen retailers, electrical retailers, builders and specifiers the opportunity to add some tangible value to a kitchen design, a house specification or a broader showroom offer. The range of appliances; whether freestanding, built-under or built-in has never been more highly specified or diverse in design, technology and performance promise.

Simon Freear, Country Manager of Amica UK explains

Six of the best built-in ovens

Date added: Feb 11, 2015

David Sanders

kbb heralds new era of expectation for the industry

kbb 2014 clearly reflected the change that the economy is starting to experience - we had conversations with customers looking to plan for new ranges and products three or four years ahead and talking in an upbeat and confident way.

David Sanders, Sales & Marketing Director for Blum UK explains.

Nine of the best from kbb 2014

Date added: March 26, 2014

Andrew Jones

Bosch talks laundry

With reports of ever-rising water bills regularly dominating the news, it is no surprise that consumers are searching for even more ways to cut down on their energy and water consumption. More laundry purchases are dependent on their energy rating and water usage with a demand for A++ and A+++ appliances rising – specifically surrounding washing machines.

Andrew Jones, Group Marketing Manager for Bosch explains.

Eight of the best laundry appliances

Date added: February 06, 2014

Karen Ferguson

Nolte talks Kitchens

No man is an island, but why do we want one in the kitchen? Customers go to great lengths to fit an island into their kitchen, be it by knocking down dividing walls or sacrificing bulky furniture.

Karen Ferguson, National Contract Business Manager UK for Nolte Küchen explains.

Six of the best kitchen furniture designs

Date added: November 18, 2013

William Knight

100% Design say its 19th edition welcomed record numbers

100% Design 2013 secured a record number of visitors; assisted by the focus and investment on creativity, the quality of exhibitors and quality of production we also had returning and new exhibitors in the expanded space. These changes have been positively received as we enhance every aspect of 100% Design.

William Knight, Show Director of 100% Design 2013 explains.

100% Design 2013

Date added: October 11, 2013

Chris Pepper

Destination design heralds a new exhibition era

Anyone with even the tiniest modicum of design interest continues to make a beeline for 100% Design. And it’s with good reason. For, whilst the visitor throngs don’t buzz in quite the same way as they did pre-crunch, the quality is abundant.

Chris Pepper, Caesarstone's Marketing & Business Development Manager explains.

100% Design 2013

Date added: October 11, 2013

Paul McDowel

DuPont™ Corian® talks surfaces

The world around us is changing at a breath taking pace, demanding that we – and the products we live and work with – keep up with the times, while maintaining a foundation of authenticity.

Paul McDowell, Managing Director of MCD Marketing for DuPont™ Corian® explains.

July Feature

Date added: July 17, 2013

Robert Laurie

A cleverly designed kitchen lets us work, rest and play

Pushing the boundaries in terms of design, production, and the materials that are used, we should always look at complete living and kitchen solutions. Our job is no longer just about making kitchens, it’s about changing the way we live and addressing a broader cultural perspective.

Robert Laurie, Marketing Director Poggenpohl UK explains

June Feature

Date added: June 18, 2013

Andy Vaughan

Organisers say May Design Series exceeded expectations

Show designer, Ab Rogers, managed to make a really great looking event losing the normal trade show straight lined entrances and features and implementing the simple but hugely effective angled structures and bright colours that just made the show stunning."

Andy Vaughan, UBM Brand Manager explains

June Feature

Date added: June 18, 2013

Simon Freear

Amica talks about the quiet appliance revolution

Quiet appliances are an increasingly persuasive sales area in my opinion. On the one hand we have appliances that alert the user via bells, whistles and buzzes about; temperature, time left, door open, whether there’s a leak, a break-down, when a programme or cycle has finished, even when to order more milk!

Simon Freear, Country Manager of Amica UK explains

May Feature

Date added: May 15, 2013

Gloria Elliot

A QUIET life is good for your health!

Does your washing machine sound like a train coming through the kitchen? Does the hum of your fridge drive you crazy? Ever since the industrial revolution, it has been assumed that noise is the price we pay for technological progress, that’s why we don’t question the irritating sound outputs that form the cacophonous backdrop to our lives.

Gloria Elliot, CE of Quiet Mark explains

May Feature

Date added: May 15, 2013

Robbie Prestedge

Electrolux talks oven trends for 2013

In 2012 many companies saw a slow-down in the sales of built-in ovens as part of cost saving in the current economic environment. Consumers were forced to either delay DIY projects or recycle old appliances for their new kitchens.

Robbie Prestedge, Product Manager of Built-in appliances at Electrolux UK & IRE

January Feature

Date added: January 30, 2013

Wayne Dance

How lifestyle changes lead kitchen design trends

For kitchen retailers, 2012 has been an exciting year. This year’s kitchens continue the trend for opening up the home to utilize the kitchen as a living space, leading to an upsurge in island units and kitchens built into open spaces.

Wayne Dance, Managing Director for In-House explains

November Feature

Date added: November 22, 2012

Simon Freear

Think outside the 'white' box for better margins

I have heard it said that when washing machines were introduced to consumers all those years ago they were as highly prized as a car. But, whilst the cost of a car has gone up and up as a percentage of household income the price of the lowly washing machine has gone down and down.
Simon Freear, Country Manager of Amica UK explains

October Feature

Date added: October 17, 2012

Marco Cioffi from Okite

Current trends in kitchen worktops

Far from being a purely practical purchase worktops play an integral part of the overall kitchen design, with many consumers making this their first purchase in order to plan the rest of the room’s design around it. Worktops have a very big influence on the overall appearance of a kitchen and are very far from an afterthought for designers too.
Marco Cioffi, Managing Director of Okite UK explains

June Feature

Date added: June 25, 2012

Darren Holiday Abode

Kitchen Tap trends from Abode

With so many desirable and intricately designed kitchen taps on the market today, it is easy to forget that, only recently, the humble tap underwent design changes that have led to its radical transformation. Manufacturers no longer produce the simplistic, utilitarian or functional designs of yesteryear, the kitchen tap today is a designer’s dream, with many making architectural statements.
Darren Holliday, Managing Director of Abode explains

April Feature

Date added: April 18, 2012

Bill Miller Gorenje

Eco efficiency trends from Gorenje

Many consumers now see an energy efficient appliance as a necessity, and so choosing one that offers this has become more of a priority when looking for a new appliance. Consumers want the best appliance they can afford, and unless it is efficient, it is not going to be the best.
Bill Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Gorenje explains

March Feature

Date added: March 18, 2012