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New brochure for Amica

View image of New brochure for AmicaAmica built-in and freestanding domestic appliances, Nottingham has launched a new set of brochures and price lists.

The two Intelligent Style themed brochures are available as a 90-page full range edition which includes all cooking, hobs and hoods, cooling, dishwashing, and laundry products from built-in, built-under and freestanding categories and a 43-page freestanding only edition. Each Amica brochure is supported by a photographic trade price list.

Steve Corbett, marketing manager for Amica said “Providing kitchen and electrical retail customers with a specific and dedicated brochure is practical marketing. Each has been designed to be easy-use guide to technical, environmental and style details and we hope, become a hands-on aide on the shop floor.”

Amica’s full Intelligent Style brochure can be downloaded here Link Amica Brochure

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New brochure for Amica

The two brochures available as a 90-page full range edition