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Hoover’s revolutionary touch-screen oven
Hoover’s revolutionary touch-screen ovenHoover has launched a new oven, boasting a 19-inch, fully interactive touch screen with just one single on/off button.

The appliance door is one big screen, meaning users can watch video cooking tutorials, generate, save and amend favourite recipes, creating a personal library of cooking programmes, as well as checking the temperature, time remaining and access selected websites.

The in-cavity camera is another key feature, allowing users to get a close-up of the cooking progress without opening the door.

Juan Pillay, marketing director, Hoover built-in appliances, said: “The Hoover Vision is a real game-changer and is the most innovative oven we have ever launched.
“Comprising a range of technology and features, the product is perfect for techies and budding chefs because everything you need is available at the fingertips. Not only is it a good appliance for people who want the very latest products, it’s also great for keen bakers because they can check cooking progress with the in-cavity camera, without fear of ruining their creation.

“Even though Hoover was established more than a century ago, the company has never stopped evolving and this latest product launch is a perfect example of that.”

For information about Hoover’s appliances, please visit the website or call 01189 311 110.

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