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Hoover unveils new energy-efficient integrated laundry range
Hoover unveils new energy-efficient integrated laundry range Hoover has launched eight new energy-efficient washing machines and washer dryers to bolster its existing integrated laundry range. The new models boast sleek aesthetics and energy ratings of A or above, with five of the models boasting an energy rating of A+++.

The top of the range Wi-Fi washing machine is available in April 2017, while the other seven models are available immediately.

Owain Harrison, UK head of sales and marketing Hoover Candy Baumatic built-in, commented: “We are delighted with the new range of washing machines and washer dryers. The technology featured in these models is at the pinnacle of the laundry market and the energy ratings ensure only the required amount of water and energy are used – saving the consumer money on energy bills.

“This efficiency is achieved using the state-of-the art ‘Kilogram Detector’ feature, a function that uses an intelligent sensor to weigh the laundry during the first minutes of the cycle. It will then continue to monitor the wash load and automatically determine cycle length, adjust amount of water as required and control rinse according to the type of fabric in the load.”

For information about Hoover’s appliances, please visit the website or call 01189 311 110.

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