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Hotpoint Multiflow Ovens
Hotpoint Multiflow OvensThe flagship model from the range of Hotpoint Multiflow ovens, the Class 9 SI9 891 SP X single pyrolytic oven, offers a raft of benefits to the consumer. Multirecipe programmes, developed by experienced master chefs, enhance the cooking experience by providing a selection of pre-programmed recipes, guaranteed to offers great results every time.

Twenty-eight, automatically programmed recipes, such as lasagne and roast chicken, select the ideal cooking parameters to ensure the dish will turn out beautifully, taking the stress out of the cooking process.

Pyrolytic cleaning is the perfect companion in the kitchen, eliminating the need for you to ever have to scrub the oven again, giving you more time to get back to the things you care for. What’s more, the electronic temperature control minimises temperature variation in the oven to ensure precise and consistent temperature control within two degrees.

Jamie Oliver, Hotpoint brand ambassador, says: “Whoever you are cooking for will be well looked after, and you can be proud of your handywork, all thanks to a little help from Hotpoint and their Multiflow technology.”

Jennifer Taylor, Senior Brand Manager, Hotpoint says: “Cooking is integral to our lives and with increasingly busy schedules, it is vital we offer our consumers appliances that get it right first time – every time. The range of multiflow ovens evoke a sophisticated elegance to the kitchen, with intuitive controls and extraordinary performance, to help us care for the things that matter most.”

For more information on the Hotpoint range of Multiflow ovens and the Class 9 built-in collection, and any other Hotpoint appliances, please contact your account manager, or visit the website.

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