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Indesit Aria Induction hob
Indesit Aria Induction hobThe Indesit induction hob (VID 641 B C), part of the Aria collection of built-in cooking appliances, offers versatile and flexible cooking zones for pots of different shapes and sizes.

Designed with busy families in mind, the Indesit Aria induction hob is fast, efficient and offers an additional level of safety in the kitchen. The hob only operates when a pan is placed on the surface and immediately stops on the pan’s removal.

The Indesit Aria induction hob (VID 641 B C) features a bridge zone, which allows the user to combine two cooking areas in order to create one large cooking space, offering complete flexibility in terms of the size of pan that can be used. When cooking for a large family, or when entertaining, the ability to create a large cooking zone is very beneficial for accommodating larger pots or multiple pans. The hob also features a MaxiCook zone, with a diameter of 28 cm, which suits generous sized saucepans.

Sara Bazeley, Brand Manager, Indesit says: “Induction cooking offers outstanding speed, energy efficiency, uniformity, safety and accuracy of heating, and is therefore ideal for the preparation of a range of family favourites. Indesit appliances are designed to be practical and easy-to-use, making home life easier and convenient for busy families.”

For more information on the Indesit Aria induction hob, contact your account manager, or visit the website.
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