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Indesit launches Innex one touch washing machine
Indesit launches Innex one touch washing machineIndesit is launching the first real ‘one touch’ washing machine that goes straight from zero to the heart of the wash with the single press of a button.

Using patented programming technology, the unique ‘Push and Wash’ button on Indesit’s new Innex range turns the machine on and automatically selects a 50 minute wash programme that’s designed to tackle a normal 4kg daily load of mixed fabrics (cottons and synthetics), washing at 30 degrees with a 1200 rpm spin.

Raff Rochira, Indesit freestanding laundry and dishwashing category manager, said: “Our new Innex washing machines have been designed for maximum ease of use and are the perfect fit for our consumers’ busy lifestyles. Push and Wash really is so easy that anybody can use it, and it’s especially helpful for the 1 in every 2 households where laundry duties are shared – no complicated wash instructions to get lost in translation!”

To prevent the Push and Wash programme being activated accidentally, the button needs to be held down for two seconds.

Indesit’s research shows that Push and Wash is suitable for around 70% of washes. For bigger loads (up to 9kg) and where more cleaning power is needed, there are 14 additional wash programmes including specialist programmes for sportswear, sports shoes and technical sports gear like Goretex. If you’re in a hurry, the handy Express Wash programme can get your clothes clean in as little as 20 minutes. There are also programmes for anti-odour, easy iron, duvets, wool, delicates and darks, which are all accessed in the normal way by turning the machine on and selecting the required programme.

For further ease of use, the machines have the widest door and loading aperture on the market (485mm and 340mm respectively) with an ergonomically designed handle. The 9kg machines have a large electronic display and there is a premium LED digital display on the 8kg models.

For maximum efficiency, the machines use automatic water level control to fill the machine with the exact amount of water they need for the size of the load, thereby minimising waste. The fascias are branded ‘From 1 to 8kg’ and ‘From 1 to 9kg’ to remind consumers they don’t always have to fill the machine right up to get the most efficient wash.

The machine’s detergent recycling system prevents any detergent from finding its way to the sump area at the bottom of the machine during the initial water fill, which would then be ineffective during the wash. The system stirs the water to make sure all the detergent is used in the cleaning process. There is also a load balance system that makes sure the load is evenly distributed around the drum before the machine goes into the spin cycle, to keep vibration to a minimum.

Launching in May 2013, there are 6 Innex models in 2 colours (white and silver) with two models exclusively available to independents.

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