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New Indesit heat pump tumble dryer has A-30% energy rating
New Indesit heat pump tumble dryer has A-30% energy ratingThe Advance 7.5kg dryer (IDCE8450 A ECO) is Indesit’s first ever A rated tumble dryer and it goes straight for an A-30% energy rating. The dryer uses heat pump technology to reduce its energy usage and also its impact on the environment.

Instead of a heater, there are two closed circuits – a normal condenser unit and an evaporator unit – which work together to get clothes dry without any heat loss. The evaporator takes out the excess heat from the condensed water, pumps it back into the machine as hot air and then repeats the process.

The dryer also uses humidity sensors, which work out when the load is dried to one of three selected levels, and Indesit’s patented Heat Profile, which controls the cooling down phase to reduce the drying time.

Not only does this dryer save you time, but people with active lifestyles will love the sports and outerwear drying programmes. Sportwear is great for kit like tracksuits and shorts that don’t need to be dried fully, Outwear dries specialist fabrics like Gore-Tex and reactivates the water repellent treatment, while Sports Shoes uses a special rack to dry your trainers evenly without rubbing or tumbling.

Libby Morley, Indesit Advertising and Communications Manager, said: “This is a great tumble dryer for people who want to get their clothes dry quickly so they can get on with their busy lives.

“They’ll also love the fact that they’re actually saving money on their energy bills while they’re doing their bit for the planet.”

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