New Smart Device from Liebherr
New Smart Device from LiebherrLiebherr's new and exclusive SmartDevice will be available across Liebherr’s BluPerformance Premium Range and allows simple home-integration via WLAN to facilitate convenient remote control of your appliances from mobile devices: in or outside of the home.

By using the SmartDevice box, it is possible for the KBbs 4350 Fridge to receive status alerts and alarm notifications from the appliance itself.

SmartHomePlus opens up a whole new communication experience. By networking your refrigerator with the MyLiebherr portal, you can view your appliance's status online anytime and anywhere; you can also quickly and easily make changes to settings in real time.

ServicePlus allows you to access all the benefits of optimised function and services options. If you have questions about your refrigerator or freezer, you will be able to get in touch with Liebherr’s customer service team much more quickly and easily.

SafetyPlus gives you additional security and peace of mind. Status and alarm messages, communicated via e-mail or via the MyLiebherr portal guarantee that your food is safe and optimally stored at all times.

Easily slotted at the top of the model and hidden away by the sliding covering panel, the SmartDevice setting and wireless connectivity can be easily accesed via the touchscreen panel available across all BluPerformance fridge and fridge-freezers.

Simply register your device on the website and start monitoring your appliance from your mobile device, free today.

Taken from the BluPerformance Premium Range by Liebherr, the KBbs 4350 Fridge seen here in the highly on-trend Black Steel finish is available with the new and optional SmartDevice integration and retails from £1,499+vat.

For further information about Liebherr and its products, please call 03330 147 888 or visit the website.

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