New kitchen tap from Conti+
New kitchen tap from Conti+The hybrid tap from Conti+ uses an infrared sensor to provide touch-free activation of the water flow, or it can be operated manually using the mono-lever mixer.

Whether it's floury fingers or greasy hands; in the kitchen, you often don't have any choice but to encrust your tap with dough or sauces whilst still trying to maintain a good level of hygiene.

For restaurants and amateur chefs, this is where the H10 kitchen faucet from CONTI+ comes in handy.

The H10 employs an infrared proximity sensor to trigger the flow of water. This ensures that water will not start flowing the instant a pot or pan is placed beneath it. Instead, an object or a hand needs to be moved towards the infrared sensor first in order to trigger the water flow. This water flow stops automatically as soon as the pot, pair of hands or kettle has been removed.

The quick clean stop that allows uninterrupted cleaning and the basin-fill/pot-fill mode, are useful extra functions that can be easily activated using the iqua-click button. In addition, iqua-click can be used to activate an optional 12- or 24-hour hygiene flush. The high swivelling spout can be rotated by 360 to allow plenty of working space below the tap. The pivoting infrared sensor ensures optimal triggering of the water flow, even with a double basin.

Available from stock in the UK with nationwide distributors Frontline, Neville Lumb, Ecoprod and Challis Water.

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