Novy launches Panorama induction hob
Novy launches Panorama induction hobThe Novy PANORAMA is the first combination induction and extraction appliance of its kind. Launched simultaneously throughout Europe, it is part of the Novy Premium Innovation Product collection and is exclusively available to kitchen specialists in the UK from November 2017.

PANORAMA is a powerful 90cm four-zone induction hob with a fully integrated downdraft extractor situated within the hob itself - directly behind the cooking area.

When not in use the extractor is completely concealed beneath the hobís surface, and when activated the ventilation tower elevates to reveal a central section comprised entirely of semi-transparent glass.

Rising up to three separate height levels of 10cm, 20cm and 30cm, it efficiently extracts cooking vapours at source.

With independent white LED touch-slider controls and featuring automatic pan detection, the four octagonal 3700W induction zones of the hob are laid out in a panoramic configuration, thus providing the cook with flexible freedom of movement.

PANORAMA also features an intelligent AUTO-function when a 15cm pan is placed on the hob and power is activated: by touching the AUTO control, the downdraft rises to a height of 20cm whilst detecting grease and vapours; it then automatically adjusts to the optimal extraction level required.

With no need for a separate cooker hood above the hob, PANORAMA can be installed almost anywhere within the kitchen layout, thus enabling greater design freedom.

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