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Perfect laundry at the push of a button
Perfect laundry at the push of a buttonThe Siemens iDos washing machine is the worlds first intelligent precision dosing washing machine. This appliance decides just how much liquid detergent and softener your wash needs right down to the last millilitre saving £275 in 5 years on detergent costs and an impressive 7,000 litres of water a year. With an A+++ energy rating, 8kg drum and 1400 spin, our advanced technology appliance also offers autoStain removal without the need for a prewash. The cutting edge design of the antiVibration panels working with Siemens iQDrive motor to ensure that this appliance is not only whisper quiet but delivers first class wash results every time.

The Siemens iDos is so simple to use and prevents under or overdosing on detergent which can cause white fabrics to turn grey, inadequate stain removal or a visible detergent residue on fabrics. i-Dos is ideal for people who like to do things the easy way. It automatically decides how much liquid detergent and softener your wash needs – down to the last millilitre, so you’ll never have to use a measuring cup again!

Siemens claim it to be their easiest to use washing machine ever in partnership with the WT48Y800GB, their premium 8kg condenser tumble dryer which they say is the worlds most energy efficient tumble dryer. Not only does the innovative heat pump dryer come with A -60% energy rating, but it uses up to 65% less energy (saving 40p a cycle) than conventional energy efficiency class B condenser dryers. This advanced technology produces an outstanding energy rating that will remain constant throughout its entire life by using the self-cleaning condenser system.

Siemens - iQ700 i-Dos WM14Y890GB
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