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Quiet appliances for Bosch & Siemens
Quiet appliances for Bosch & SiemensBSH Home Appliances Ltd, manufacturer of Bosch, NEFF, Siemens and Gaggenau, has announced a wide range of its Bosch and Siemens appliances will carry the respected Quiet Mark approval programme award.

With open plan living becoming more and more the norm in our homes, as well as our preference for wood flooring and shutters rather than sound-absorbing carpeting and curtains; our quest for quieter appliances is ever-increasing.

These products will carry the recognisable Quiet Mark license, helping consumers to easily find the most noiseless options available along with the assurance that they have been independently assessed. The team at Quiet Mark scientifically test an extensive range of sound levels in high-performing products, so they can identify those at the quiet end of the spectrum.

‘At Bosch and Siemens, our team of expert designers are committed to ensuring noise reduction within the engineering, without compromising the high-performance of each appliance,’ says Manfred Normann, Chief Financial Officer at BSH Home Appliances. ‘We are thrilled to be recognised by Quiet Mark as having some of the quietest products in the cooling and washing categories.’

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