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The blues for Trend GB mosaic Best Collection tiles
The blues for Trend GB mosaic Best Collection tilesThe peacock is the inspiration behind artist Veronica Tommasinís latest designs, for Trendís inimitable glass mosaic ĎBest Collectioní. Composed of thousands of micro mosaic tesserae, in the classic tradition, Tommasinís designs are translated by Italian tilemaker Trend into decorative mosaic modules, using digital technology.

To achieve the exact shades envisaged by the artist, Trend has even produced two new fused glass tiles, Brillante 276 and Brillante 277, which are rich, dusty Wedgwood blues.

Trendís new Best Collection Ďartistic decorationsí comprise Peacock, a Peacock White variation, and an almost equally favoured floral motif, Gardenia. The deceptively simple Gardenia design is made up from a total of 17 different Vitreo and Brillante 1cm x 1cm tile colours in the white-blue spectrum.

As with the earlier monochromatic Best Collection launched last summer, the latest executions by Italian artist and designer Tommasin are precisely replicated in 1 x 1 glass mosaic tiles, employing advanced CAD software. The micro mosaic format minimises the pixelated effect on complex mosaics such as this, especially when used with colour-matched grout lines, enabling an ornamental style akin to painting and textiles. Underlining the range of shades available in Trendís 1 x 1 colour themes, the various blues, whites and lustrous black have been selected from the semi-transparent Vitreo collection and the coloured glass Brillante range, which is enriched with sparkling veins of enamel and avventurina stone.

Featured for centuries in mosaics, frescoes, paintings and graphic art as a symbol of wealth, beauty, royalty and rebirth, the peacock has also been depicted by such comparatively modern names as William Morris, James Whistler and Aubrey Beardsley. Following a strong artistic tradition, Tommasinís Peacock combines this regal creature with a floral motif in an ornate repeat pattern, creating a sumptuous Wedgwood-like effect. It incorporates just five different 1 x 1 tile colours and is supplied in modules of 105cm x 158cm in size, for combining into murals or using as mosaic panels.

Peacock White incorporates a similar design in just three tile colours, Brillante 280 white and Brillante 275 and 277 tones of blue, giving a more modern, possibly oriental decorative treatment. Again, the standard module size is 105cm x 158cm.

Gardenia features a simple flower motif emerging from the background colour, the use of seventeen different Vitreo and Brillante designs emphasising the precise rendition made possible by modern computer techniques. Measuring 158cm x 158cm, each Gardenia mosaic module contains nearly 25,000 individual tiles, although thanks to the polyurethane web backing these minute tesserae are comparatively quick and easy to install, with a perfect finish assured.

Suitable for use in living rooms, dining areas, hallways and kitchens, Trendís Best Collection offers all the outstanding technical properties and long-lasting qualities of authentic glass mosaic, including resistance to heat, burns, sunlight, frost, water and chemicals. In line with Trendís wholehearted commitment to sustainability, the 4mm thick Vitreo and Brillante tiles are made using up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass, combining a classic tradition with modern eco-friendly technology. The latest additions to the Best Collection suite are available from authorised Trend stockists from £490 per square metre.

Enquiries to Trend GB, 28 Decimus Park, Kingstanding Way, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3GP, telephone 01892 509690, or email.

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