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Water saving Green Tech washing machine from Bosch
Water saving  Green Tech washing machine from BoschRecently awarded the ERT ‘Domestic Appliance of 2012’, the AquaStar dishwasher range from Bosch incorporates ActiveWater technology, an intelligent water management system maximising water efficiency throughout the washing and drying cycles for top performance combined with very low energy and water consumption.

Astonishing figures in recent headlines show that water companies are set to charge 3.5% more from April 2013 pushing the average bill up by £13 to £388 a year.

The water regulator Ofwat’s decision to allow bills to rise by more than the rate of inflation means that families will be forced to stretch their income further and re-consider how much water they use. Bosch say avanced technology in every Bosch dishwasher and washing machine means that water management for optimum usage is possible from every drop of water.

One particular Aquastar dishwasher (SMS53A12GB) can clean and dry 13 place settings of crockery, cutlery and glassware using just 6 litres of water on an Economy 50 programme. In addition to saving water it offers a host of innovative features including automatic detergent detection, DosageAssist, a heat exchanger for energy efficient, a load sensor and an integrated anti-flood water protection system.

Bosch are committed to saving water with ActiveWater consumption. The Bosch 8kg, 1400 spin speed washing machine (WAQ283SOGB) only uses the exact amount of water required for the load. With an energy efficiency rating of A+++, the washing machine takes up to 8kg of washing and uses roughly 8,700 litres per year (based on 220 standard wash cycles). Over 5 years this machine saves 459 litres of water – the equivalent of 2 years wash cycles.

Comments Bosch Brand Manager, Rosalinda Pisani: “With water rationing in sight, the Bosch range ticks all the right boxes for significantly reducing household water consumption. Bosch has a long history of ground breaking developments in water and energy saving and this new generation of models continues this tradition as Bosch plans to have the majority of its washing machines integrated with water saving technology by May 2013.”

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