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Hotpoint Multiflow Ovens

Hotpoint Multiflow Ovens The flagship model from the range of Hotpoint Multiflow ovens, the Class 9 SI9 891 SP X single pyrolytic oven, offers a raft of benefits to the consumer. Multirecipe programmes, developed by experienced master chefs, enhance the cooking experience by providing a selection of pre-programmed recipes, guaranteed to offers great results every time.

V-ZUG introduces brand new glass Gas Hob

V-ZUG introduces brand new glass Gas Hob According to V-ZUG, it is the only company on the market to offer a new hob with state-of-the-art multi-slider control: a simple, direct and ergonomic solution for controlling individual cooking zones with high-grade performance.

Induction cooking from Whirlpool

Induction cooking from Whirlpool The Whirlpool induction oven, the AKZM 8920/GK, cooks food in up to half the time, using up to 50 per cent less energy1. The appliance features an induction shelf, which generates a magnetic field that directly heats the special induction tray for extremely efficient, speedy and precise cooking.

New compact oven and warming drawer from Amica built-in

New compact oven and warming drawer from Amica built-in Amica has added two compact built-in ovens and a complementing warming drawer to its portfolio of built-in and freestanding kitchen appliances.

Indesit 'turn & cook' oven sets time and temperature

Indesit Indesit has developed a simple solution for creating perfectly cooked family meals in just one hour bringing harmony to the kitchen.

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