Firepod pizza oven Kitchens Review

Firepod pizza oven – compact & versatile

The ultra-portable retro style Firepod is a versatile pizza oven designed to deliver perfect stone-baked pizza wherever you are.

Its compact design means it can be taken anywhere. It will fit easily in the boot of the car for family trips, or on your boat for ease of cooking at sea. it is available with with 2 sets of screw-on-legs (in short and long sizes), this means you can stand it on the ground up or place it on a secure higher surface.

The Firepod doesn’t just cook pizzas, it is incredibly versatile and features an optional griddle. Simply swap the baking stones with the  griddle using the set of supplied gloves.

Through years of rigorous testing and reconfiguring The Firepod is a true revolution in portable cooking. The result is beautifully cooked pizza with a crispy base thanks to the baking stones absorbing excess moisture.

The Firepod is the ultimate pizza oven that does so much more allowing you to do so much more!

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