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New Terra Firma glazed brick tiles from Balineum

The new Terra Firma range of glazed brick tiles from Balineum is inspired by mid-century architects. This original collection celebrates the earthy and enduring quality of red and brown clay and brings this most ancient of materials right up to date.   Manufactured in England using traditional methods, Terra Firma tiles are made by hand and offered in a colour palette of neutral glazes.  The production process ensures that no two glazed bricks  are exactly alike.

Recognised for their durablity, tiles have long been used in industrial architecture as well as for interior spaces which need a robust and sterile surface. Inspired by the work of mid-century modernist architects such as JØrn Utzon, John Lautner and Craig Ellwood,  Balineum has produced a range of glazed brick tiles which boast an organic quality that blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.

Balineum anticipates that contemporary architects and designers will welcome the chance to explore new concepts in terms of surface and line for flooring, fireplaces and walls both inside and outside the home.  The tiles are progressive and sophisticated yet employ one of the oldest, organic and most reliable and natural of building materials.

The rectangular brick slips can be laid in a number of traditional layouts and can easily be cut on site to create complex patterns. The corresponding corner pieces can be used for external corners on walls, fireplaces and benchtops.
Chalk, Bone, Husk, Shale, Tar, Moss, Lichen, Rust, Storm, Peat and Zinc

£3.92 per tile

tile size 215 x 65 x 14.5mm

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