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KitchenAid freestanding combi microwave oven

KitchenAid has launched a new freestanding combination microwave oven that has been inspired by the professional culinary sphere.

The freestanding KitchenAid microwave oven (KMQFX 33910 (UK)) has an impressive range of chef-inspired functions and includes more than 50 pre-programmed recipes, and five professional functions.

Microwave circulation

KitchenAid ensures the most even microwave circulation thanks to an innovative and fully three dimensional microwave distribution system. The 3D System forges a complex pattern to ensure that the microwave energy produce perfectly even cooking results.

In addition to microwave cooking, the freestanding microwave oven boasts a grill and crisp plate accessory. Together, gastronomic favourites can be prepared in a fraction of time and with less oil too, using KitchenAid’s Crisp Technology, Crisp Fry and the Crisp & Bake programmes.

Learn to bake

For those who love to bake, the microwave oven transforms the kitchen into a professionally-inspired bakery. The user is assisted through the entire baking process right from bowl to bake. The appliance perfectly softens butter, melts chocolate and prepares dough.  This is done via dedicated programmes and can effortlessly bake delicate cakes, meringues and loaves of bread.

The freestanding microwave oven makes a statement in the kitchen, inspired by the iconic design of the built-in KitchenAid Twelix Artisan oven. The sleek and timeless design blends seamlessly into the culinary workplace and features the iconic KitchenAid ergonomic handle, which is subtly finished with the brand’s medallion.

Lee Collett, Channel Controller, Kitchen Studio & KitchenAid Brand, says: “The freestanding KitchenAid microwave oven is the latest illustration of the brand’s lasting commitment to creating appliances that deliver on performance, quality and design. KitchenAid’s experience in perfecting cooking techniques, in collaboration with professional chefs, brings the gourmet kitchen into the home, providing the user with the very best cooking techniques in the comfort of their own home.”

Key features and benefits of the freestanding combination KitchenAid microwave oven (KMQFX 33910 (UK)):
  • Freestanding countertop microwave oven with 33 litre capacity.  Can be used as a microwave grill, or as a convection oven using forced air
  • Advanced and patented 3D System forges a complex pattern. The combination of dual microwave emission points and reflection ensures the microwave energy is distributed evenly
  • Intuitive sensor technology adjusts the duration and microwave power required, according to the moisture content and temperature of the food. Just select the food type on the Sensor menu and the smart sensors will do the rest
  • The Crisp Technology combines the crisp plate accessory, 3D System and the quartz grill to reach the high temperature that is required to bake and fry dishes. This mimics a conventional oven, and reduces cooking time by up to 75 per cent
  • Crisp Fry function allows for cooking fried dishes with 40 per cent less oil1 thanks to the combined action of KitchenAid’s Dual Crisp technology, forced convection and the high-power grill
  • Crisp & Bake provides the user with a one-touch solution that ensures the best crisp and bake results. Prepare perfect fluffy cakes, muffins and French fries at the touch of a button
  • Five professionally-inspired functions:
    • Precision Bake combines forced air with the ultra-precise temperature setting to evenly bake dishes with the elimination of any hot or cold spots
    • Dual Steam function, utilising the steamer accessory, allows the user to steam two different dishes at the same time without the mixing of flavours and aromas
    • Dough rising ensures a stable temperature of 38°C for perfect dough preparation
    • Yoghurt function makes preparation easy and convenient
    • Soft melting programme is extraordinarily gentle and is ideal for melting butter and chocolate
  • Special Menu encompasses more than 50 pre-programmed recipes, for perfect and professionally-inspired results – ideal for when preparing a gourmet dish when time is short
  • Reheat function calculates the microwave power level required to achieve the best results dependent on food type and weight
  • Defrost setting for the most flawless and efficient defrosting of dishes
  • Crisp plate accessory to perfectly crisp both the top and bottom of food; for use with the Crisp Programmes
  • Large quartz grill to achieve an oven-baked finish. Rack accessories included
  • Auto-clean programme uses the power of steam to clean the interior of the microwave oven and effectively removes lingering odours
  • Intuitive user interface for precise control, which ensures professionally-inspired results at the touch of a button
  • Sleek and timeless stainless steel interior and exterior, which is inspired by the KitchenAid Twelix Artisan Oven, complete with a drop down door that features the iconic ergonomic handle that is finished with the KitchenAid medallion
  • 360 mm diameter turntable
  • Two year warranty for peace of mind
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 490 x 373 x 562 mm

For more information on the freestanding KitchenAid microwave oven (KMQFX 33910 (UK)), and any other KitchenAid major domestic appliances, please contact your account manager or visit the website at

  1. The freestanding KitchenAid microwave oven (KMQFX 33910 (UK)) is an icon in the kitchen and features advanced patented 3D microwave distribution technology, which ensures perfectly even and efficient cooking


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