Superfront Long Handles

Superfront releases longer handles

The new handles match Superfront’s existing circular Circus handles, but are longer and more grip-friendly. Therefore, new Long Circus and Long Mini Circus fit extra well on fridges and freezers, wardrobes – as well as on wider fronts that can be found on dressers and bathroom vanities.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our customers longer and more functional variants of our clean-cut, round favourites Circus and Mini Circus. Since the new, longer handles have a width that corresponds to the diameters of the round handles, they harmonize very well together,” says Mick Born.

The handles come in brass, copper, aluminium and matte black. And as usual, Superfront works with genuine, solid materials that age beautifully.

“In a kitchen, Long Circus makes a great companion to Circus. Use Long Circus solely on the bigger, heavier fronts like fridge and freezer – or on all fronts for a more eye-catching and luxurious restaurant feel. It’s also nice to mix all four variants of the Circus family,” Mick continues.

“If you put them on a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, the expression will become some sort of updated Art Deco thanks to the rounded shape and the extravagant, mirror-like surface. I picture how these handles would hit it off with our Art Deco-inspired wardrobe front Marais, since the shape recurs in the curved lines of the pattern,” Monica Born adds.

Long Circus and Long Mini Circus have the standard dimension 128 mm between the center of the screw holes. They are available for purchase at starting today and cost from €29/£25.


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