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4D technology could signal the end to buyer’s remorse

With recent research* suggesting that more than a third (35%) of UK homeowners experience buyer’s remorse when it comes to home improvements, 2019 looks set to be the year that the latest 4D technology really takes off for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design.

The survey revealedthat 39% of Brits admitting that the kitchen is the room most in need of arevamp, yet for almost half (42%) of those asked, it can take up to five yearsto be completely satisfied with the state of their home.

“A new kitchen is abig investment, financially and emotionally, so it is understandable thathomeowners can be hesitant. With so much choice available, settling on theright look can be daunting and difficult to visualise,” comments NathanMaclean, managing director of Virtual Worlds.

“This is where 4Dtechnology has a massive advantage. Consumers can walkaround the space freely via a specially-designed headset. This tracks theirbody and hand movements and relays them on to the screen, enabling them tointeract by opening doors and drawers and getting a genuine feeling for theirnew kitchen.

“Our software is all about providing customers with peace of mind, giving them the information at their fingertips to ensure they have an informed decision throughout the design process and putting an end to buyer’s remorse.”

For more information on Virtual Worlds, please visit www.virtualworlds.co.uk

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