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What lies beneath?

Kitchens are a significant investment for any house, so to ensure they stay in showroom condition installing a water softener is essential to protect them from the ravages of limescale.

A staggering 60% of UK households live in hard water areas where limescale can cause costly and unsightly problems around the home. Many people will be familiar with dulling taps, scum around sinks and on draining boards, as well as limescale build-up on shower doors. However, it’s not just these visible signs of limescale that need to be considered in a home, but the unseen damage inside the pipes.

Limescale is a result of the magnesium and calcium in underground chalk beds clinging to water as it passes through. Once these minerals are heated in boilers, washing machines, dishwashers and kettles they transform into scale covering the heating elements.

Monarch Water Limescale Removal
Limescale build up inside household appliances causes breakdowns

According to British Water, just a 1.6mm coating of limescale on a heating element makes it up to 12% less effective and significantly reduces their working life. This also means they have to work harder to heat water as they have to heat the scale first, which means they cost more to run.

With hard water estimated to be responsible for 70% of equipment failure, tackling limescale build up in equipment is essential to prevent breakdowns of household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, as well as damage to boilers.

“Investing in a water softener can extend the working life of household appliances by protecting the sensors and heating elements from the harmful effects of limescale build up,” explains Kevin Johnson, MD of Monarch Water and Technical Director of the UK Water Treatment Association. “This can only have positive implications for home owners such as cost savings and better results.”

Monarch Water Limescale Removal
Limescale coats pipes, reducing the efficiency of heating systems

Sustainability is an important issue in any house design, which is why Monarch Water has used its 50 years of industry expertise to produce the next generation of HE (high efficiency) water softeners with Opti-Brining® to protect people’s homes from the negative effects of limescale.

The three strong range, which includes the MiniAqua HE, Midi HE and Master HE, is the ultimate solution to sustainable water softening using up to 24% less water and 12% less salt per annum* than their equivalent counterparts. They are more compact than their predecessors, making them easier to site, and also feature a speedy eight minute mini top up regeneration.

Installing the next generation of water softener is an affordable solution to all the issues limescale causes and they can either be installed during the kitchen fitting process or retrofitted with ease.

The beauty of these machines is that not only will they prevent anymore limescale building up, but they will remove any that’s already accumulated. They also use less water and energy than equivalent models during regeneration, making them more economical to run.

“Water softeners can be fitted with any boiler so every hard water home can take advantage of the benefits they offer,” says Johnson. “Thanks to advances in technology the HE Range from Monarch offers a more compact, efficient and sustainable water softening solution.”

*All figures relate to the NEW Midi HE compared to previous models, based on a three person household.

Benefits of installing the next generation of water softener

  • Household appliances and boilers protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year

  • Less toiletries, detergents and cleaning chemicals needed

  • No more limescale deposits on skin, hair and clothes which can have a dull,  drying effect
  • Savings of around £200 a year once installed

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