Kitchen Sinks

Reginox’s New York Collection is Ultra-smooth

Reginox’s New York collection of contemporary stainless steel sinks is designed to make a real statement in the kitchen and, like the vibrant city after which it is named, offers sophistication, luxury and comfort.  Manufactured using an advanced deep-drawing technique, all sinks in the collection feature an ultra-smooth design without welded or folded seams.  A small 10mm radius offers a minimalist aesthetic, whilst a unique and practical moulded waste set within a deep bowl ensures an even sleeker look, as well as optimum hygiene.

Aimed at the higher-end spectrum of mid-market customers seeking a clean and uncluttered design, New York’s simplicity ensures that the sink will be the focal point of any modern and stylish kitchen.  Available in 15 different sizes the collection includes single, half, 1.5 and double bowl configurations, all of which are offered with a lifetime guarantee. 

Dave Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director of Reginox, comments, “In terms of sink materials, stainless steel continues to endure, undoubtedly due to its timeless appeal, longevity, ease of maintenance and ability to look good in any style of kitchen.  There are some stunning contemporary steel sinks available today and the material offers so much versatility in terms of the shapes, angles, depths and profiles that can be achieved.

From a design perspective, sinks are continuing to mirror the overall trend for minimalism in the kitchen.  Slab-sided sinks with clean modern lines or even acute angles, softened by gentle curves, remain very much in vogue, and complement the trend for linear kitchens featuring curved end units.  The emphasis is on striking designs that are easy on the eye, but are still ultimately usable and practical.”

For further information contact Reginox on tel: 01260 280033; email or visit

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