Quartz Calacatta CRL Stone

Quartz Calacatta creates perfect symmetry

Ideal to turn a kitchen island or splashback into a design statement, CRL Quartz Calacatta teams a marble-inspired design with high durability to meet the demands of modern living.

Calacatta is the latest surface to join the CRL Quartz range from CRL Stone. It looks just like the on-demand eponym marble while being stain, scratch and heat resistant, like the complete CRL Quartz range. It is also non-porous and doesn’t require to be sealed or cleaned with special products to keep it looking as good as new, making it ideal for busy environment such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

CRL Quartz Calacatta can be teamed with virtually any other material, colour and finish and it will work in complete harmony, while adding a luxurious, high-end look to whichever room it is chosen for.

For more information and free samples call CRL Stone on 01706 863 600 or visit www.crlquartz.co.uk

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About CRL Stone

With 20 years of experience in the stone industry, CRL Stone offers a large range of colours and finishes of ceramic and quartz surfaces.

CRL Quartz is a beautiful, hard-wearing engineered quartz stone, available in a large range of colours, with a polished finish and in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. Inspired by nature itself to meet the current trends and demands of modern living CRL Quartz is non-porous, stain, scratch, heat and shock resistant. It is also very strong and simple to care for, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

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