solar powered narowboat evolve

Bushboard Evolve chosen for solar powered narrowboat

When Tim Knox, founder of Mothership Marine, wanted a stunning kitchen for his company’s remarkable solar-powered arts and crafts narrowboat, he chose Evolve Caldiera for the worksurfaces.

The Mothership Electric Narrowboat concept is the first of its kind.  She is a purpose-built solar-powered boat with an electric motor supported by a backup generator.  The idea born of many uncomfortable water-based outings like sailing and rafting combines boating with the facilities and cosiness of a family home – hence ‘Mother’.

Solar powered narrowboat evolve worktops evolve

Tim Explains “For my wife, Sue, boating, canoeing and rafting have been a source of terrific family enjoyment.  Now the children are older; I felt she deserved something a little more luxurious.  So I built SHINE. A solar-powered narrowboat that we can comfortably use all year round.  The steel-hulled narrowboat is also quiet, exceptionally green and easy on the pocket too.  Eco-Friendly boating means we can travel the waterways without leaving an impact; no noise, no clawing diesel fumes and absolutely zero emissions. It’s like going back a few centuries when just one horse pulled all boats.” When it came to fitting out the interior Mothership worked with Morris and Co to develop interiors that celebrate the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th century while resonating modern-day chic. 

The kitchen was hand crafted to fit the narrowboats slender proportions using reclaimed wood from a hospital in Wiltshire, with steel surrounds fitted to the doors to create the retro feel.   The selection of Bushboard Evolve worktops finished the kitchen in a modern and understated way.  Tim again, “The Evolve surface is simple to work with, light and easy to handle.  It’s slim profile, at just 12.5mm thick means it blends perfectly with the kitchen making the kitchen flow.  It also meant we could cut it on-site to the exact requirements of the galley and accommodate an under-mount sink and a small format hob.  Being able to create curves and upstands so easily finished the kitchen perfectly.  The Mothership Narrowboat reflects a real meeting of ideals between the Arts and Crafts movement and modern-day conservationists – both celebrate the natural world and wish to preserve and protect it.”

Holly Turnbull, marketing manager for Bushboard worktops “This is such a remarkable project.  Evolve’s super slim profile makes any kitchen makeover feel modern and contemporary, but as we can see, it works with more traditional décor, like the William Morris design here.  The surface is solid so it can be crafted, by any competent fitter, into curves of any radius and refinished – the edge looks great no matter what the shape.”

arts and crafts narrowboat

Specialising in creating innovative craft for inland waterways,  leading eco boat builder Mothership Marine provides a range of solar electric and hybrid boats designed for inland waterways in the UK and throughout the world.  Mothership Marine has just launched the first-ever purpose-built solar powered narrowboat with an electric motor.

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