Terracotta Dreaming kitchen Keller accessories

Keller’s Terracotta Dreaming

Keller’s latest creation, Terracotta Dreaming, offers homeowners the opportunity to enjoy an elegant kitchen with all manner of trendy accessories; an example is pictured here with open shelving and copper highlights such as lighting or bowls (as pictured).

Keller Terracotta Dreaming kitchen with shelving accessories

The muted truffle shade offers a calming and relaxed feel; however, with plenty of colour options available from Keller, homeowners can choose a colour that suits their personality, should they desire something more bold and daring.

The units can be fitted alongside each other to create a simple galley kitchen, perfect for showing off a kitchen in a smaller area, or fitted together as one big unit to create a kitchen island, ideal for those wanting to make the most of a larger space. The handleless fronts give a sleek, seamless appearance between the worktop, cupboards and floor. The sleek design is also fabulous behind the scenes with sliding drawers, for example, combining beautiful aesthetics with practical functionality.

For further information on Terracotta Dreaming and to find more kitchen inspiration, please visit www.kellerkitchens.com.

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