GROHE Blue Pure kitchen filtration tap

GROHE Blue Pure filtered water from your kitchen tap

The new GROHE Blue Pure Eurosmart tap launches to the UK market with Good Housekeeping Institute approval. GROHE claim its filtration technology will have an impact on a global scale thanks to its ability to provide safe drinking water directly from the tap, even in countries where drinking water is unpotable.

Using state-of-the-art filtration technology, GROHE Blue Pure is both cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bottled water. The brand-new range is an alternative solution for those who are unsatisfied with the quality of their current tap water. Thanks to its built-in advanced filtration technology, GROHE Blue Pure removes all impurities that can impair the taste of unfiltered tap water, delivering refreshing pure water quality, GROHE say you will undoubtedly taste the difference.

The launch of GROHE Blue Pure also means that safe drinking water can now be accessed worldwide, even in places where tap water is deemed unsafe to drink. Ahead of the official launch of the GROHE Blue Pure range, the Eurosmart design has earned the coveted Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval. “The GROHE Blue Pure Eurosmart tap is straightforward to operate with responsive and easy-to-reach controls”, comments Katie Mortram, Appliance and Household Testing Manager for Good Housekeeping Institute on their decision to endorse the product.

“An endorsement from the Good Housekeeping Institute is revered and trusted by the nation”, says Ebru Bircan, Marketing Activation Manager at GROHE UK. “We are delighted to meet the standards of GHI’s rigorous testing and know that the weight of their endorsement will help convey just how strong and relevant this product is to the UK market, particularly in hard areas such as London where the taste of tap water is known to be less palatable.”

Alongside the Good Housekeeping Institute approved Eurosmart model, GROHE Blue Pure is also available in two other popular designs; BauCurve and Minta, with the Minta model offering the additional feature of a pull-out spout. Each model comes equipped with a filter timer system and uses an acoustic signal to advise homeowners when replacement is required. The timer can be set to 90, 180, 270 or 360 days.

GROHE Blue Pure is designed with two separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered – and an innovative mousseur that ensures that once the water has been filtered it never comes into contact with any contaminating chemicals. Meanwhile, the activated carbon filter has the capacity to purify up to 3000 litres of water before requiring replacement and improves taste and quality by removing chlorine, biocides and pesticides whilst leaving precious minerals that contribute to the health benefits of natural water. In addition, filtered water taps like the new Blue Pure range provide excellent alternatives for those who prefer the taste of bottled water but want to cut down their single-use plastic consumption. Using filtered water from a tap instead of purchasing bottled water can also help prevent contamination by plastic particles found in bottled water.

Similarly, unfiltered tap water in older properties where lead pipes are still installed and being used can be harmful to pregnant women and young children.

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