Electrical sustainable heating Vasco

Vasco’s electric radiators deliver sustainable heating

Now that winter is around the corner – electric heating is a hot topic! The demand for innovative sustainable electric heating solutions continues to rise and Vasco is meeting this growing trend with 2 new electric models, of their existing collections, which were recently launched to the UK market at 100% Design in September. 

Latest ONI electric models; ONI 0-NP-EL or ONI O-P-EL features “cut-outs” that make it easy to dry towels. Mono Beams electric provide an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution, the electric heating works on the ‘plug-and-play’ principle i.e. without the invasive need for drilling, channelling or maintenance work. 

Vasco delivers sustainable heating since all its aluminium radiators are produced from 100% recycled aluminium and are in turn 100% recyclable. Comfortable, stylish design combines with sustainable manufacturing to deliver an innovative 360 degrees approach.  Regulation thermostat included in the price can be positioned, in the room, as desired. 


Pictured below – ONI remains Vasco’s thinnest radiator even in its new electric models with a depth of just 8mm. The ONI-EL meets the strict European Ecodesign standards for electrical appliances. 

Oni electric sustainable heating

The back of the electric versions is fitted with an entirely flat cover panel in exactly the same colour as the front, which houses the electrical resistance. So from the side all you see is the wafer-thin radiator panel. The electric receiver module has a standby and a memo button and is integrated almost invisibly into the unit. The model is available in 55 colours and with an optional towel rail. 

ONI electric models provide an impressive heat output of 750 watt at 1400mm height or 1000 watt at 1800mm height. 

Beams Mono- EL  

This new aluminium designer radiator combines all the benefits of electric heating with purity of design – a real must-have for those who love a minimalist look! During the development process of the Beams Mono-EL, the Vasco designers had to pull out all the stops to be able to integrate an electrical resistance in the sleek vertical profiles (width 150 mm). Beams Mono EL designer radiator can be displayed as a single profile up to three vertical profile installations.  The profiles were fitted with additional fins to increase the heat output. There’s also a cover panel at the back, in the same colour as the front, which houses the electrical resistance. The electric receiver module has a standby and a memo button and is integrated almost invisibly into the unit. As a result the radiator can be maximum heated – obviously with the option of automatically regulating the surface temperature according to your needs. The model is available in 55 colours and with optional towel rails; short towel rail, rectangular towel rail or square towel rail, if desired.  

Pictured top – The Beams Mono EL delivers 950 Watt per 150mm wide profile. 

 3 x Beams Mono, White Fine Texture 


Benefits of New Vasco’s Electric Radiators 

• Operating voltage of the RF receiver: 230V AC, 50 Hz

• RF thermostat: 2x Alkaline 1.5V

• Weekly and daily programming

• Control of room temperature from 7°C to 30°C

• Control of surface temperature from 20°C to 80°C

• Boost command: standard 60 minutes

• Auto, Comfort, Eco or frost protection mode

• Set programmes P1, P2 and P3 can be changed

• RF receiver: IPX4 Class II (invisible at the back of the radiator)

• Thermostat: IP30 • Cable length: 0.8 m (preferably use a direct fixed wall outlet)

• Energy-consumption indication

• Indicator of open window detection

• RF communication between the receiver and the thermostat (to be connected)

•Thermostat size: height: 95 mm, width: 120 mm, depth: 25 mm 

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