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GROHE’s top tips for hot water taps

Five top tips you need to know when specifying a hot water tap for your next kitchen project…

With an award-winning design, unique safety and energy-saving features and brand-new colour finishes now available, GROHE Red is one of the most popular hot water taps on the UK market. As we approach a new decade, GROHE predicts that more and more renovators and first-time property buyers will be looking to switch up their kettles for a streamlined alternative that will not only make a visual statement in their kitchen but help them tackle everyday tasks such as food preparation and cooking in a more convenient way.

New insights from Trend-Monitor’s Kitchen Purchasing Trends Consumer Insight report highlights that hot water taps are increasingly being installed in the home – in fact, 50% more YOY. In August 2018, research showed that 13% of completed new kitchens installed 2-3 years prior were fitted with a hot water tap. In 2019, this figure jumped to 21% for kitchens installed 1-2 years ago. In addition, the latest 2 research shows that 37% of all complete new kitchen installations with a budget of more than £20,000 feature a hot water tap.

Alongside its filtered kettle hot water which reaches temperatures of 99 degrees Celsius perfect for blanching vegetables, poaching salmon and having an endless supply of hot drinks on tap, the GROHE Red also offers an array of innovative functions to ensure suitability and safety in all homes with an eco-conscious performance too. With features such as a tested and certified ChildLock, a patented aerator to stop the stream of water sputtering when it falls from the spout as well as a convenient pot filler function, the GROHE Red has strong upsell potential for the modern-day family home.

GROHE’s Top Tips

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The hot water tap sector is growing rapidly with more and more manufacturers launching to market each year. When designing, specifying or installing a complex product such as a hot water tap, here are five things to keep in mind:
• Energy Efficiency: Your customer may be seeking convenience from a hot water tap but they will also be concerned about cost-efficiency and perhaps its environmental impact. They will want a solution that is on par with, if not better, than boiling the kettle. The GROHE Red is rated ‘A’ for its energy efficiency and also has a titanium boiler which offers excellent insulation, using minimal energy to keep the water at the required temperature. The titanium boiler also minimises limescale build-up and is prevented from building up in corners thanks to its cylindrical shape. For those customers who are eco-conscious or are frequently away from their homes on business or holiday, GROHE Red also has a Holiday Mode feature which limits the temperature to 60°C, offering further energy savings.

• Use a mixing valve for more complex installs: Hot water taps should be an investment available to all homes but sometimes the setup of the mains water can make this difficult. For customers who only have cold water supplies or long distances between the hot water cylinder and the tap, a mixing valve can be used in tandem with the GROHE Red to provide a hot and kettle hot water supply, adjustable between 35°c to 75°c. The mixing valve can simply be connected to both the GROHE Red titanium boiler and the mains cold water.

• Don’t forget the expansion vessel: Water volume expands by up to 4% at 99° so when installing a hot water tap, it is essential to fit an expansion vessel to accommodate this. The vessel is used for water expansion during the heating process and stops unnecessary wastage of drinking water. Without it, the pressure will build within the system and can lead to serious technical faults very quickly, leaving one very unhappy customer.

• WRAS Approval: Any water fitting carrying or receiving water must comply with Water Supply Regulations. Approval from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme is one of the most highly regarded schemes in the UK and any product with this accreditation is deemed to be of an appropriate quality for installation. WRAS approval is awarded to water fittings which do not cause waste, encourage unnecessary consumption or contamination of the water supply. Whilst specifying a product with WRAS approval is highly recommended for all projects, it is a pre-requisite for many projects such as new build residential properties and commercial buildings. The GROHE Red has achieved WRAS status thanks to the expansion vessel component which is included as part of the installation kit.

• Consider professional installation direct from the manufacturer: When working with any new or unfamiliar product, it is always worth consulting with the manufacturer directly to ensure correct installation is carried out for the customer and to minimise the risk of faults later down the line. GROHE also offers its own affordable installation service for the GROHE Red, working seamlessly alongside other contractors on the project to guarantee an accurate, fuss-free service.

GROHE is currently supporting its retail partners with its popular cashback promotion, which enables GROHE customers to receive up to £100 cashback on all eligible GROHE Red purchases. The cashback offer ends on 31st January 2020 and claims must be made by 29th February 2020. For more
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