Keep your resolutions with GROHE Blue Home

GROHE Blue Home (with app) will help you stick to your health and sustainability resolutions in 2020

With Quitters Day officially behind us, those still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions need all the extra help and support they can get. Whether you promised to drink more water or use less plastic, 2020 can be made that little bit easier with GROHE Blue, which offers chilled, filtered, still and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Skip single-use plastics in 2020

On average, every EU citizen consumes up to 106 litres of bottled water per year. With currently approximately 508 million people living in the EU, this amounts to about 53.8 billion one-litre bottles per year. So, with us all trying to drink more water in the new year, let’s make a conscious effort to do so responsibly.

Here are 5 ways GROHE Blue Home is a great alternative:

  1. Reduced CO2 emissions: GROHE Blue Pure has 61% reduction of CO2 emissions per litre compared to the consumption of bottled water
  2. Increased magnesium: The optional magnesium filter allows the user to enhance magnesium, a vital health boosting and stress-busting mineral, in the water
  3. 5-step filtration: GROHE Blue Home filters use a 5-step filtration process to remove unwanted particles from tap water, while leaving behind all the important minerals for pure taste
  4. Adjustable temperature: Easily set the water temperature to your personal preference (anywhere between 5° and 10° C!)
  5. Family friendly: Different family members wanting different amounts of sparkle usually results in many, many water bottles. GROHE Blue Home delivers two types of carbonation from one tap: semi-sparkling and sparkling – no bottles needed.

Monitor your water intake

GROHE Blue helps use less plastic

By connecting the GROHE Blue Home tap to the GROHE Ondus app, your household’s daily water consumption can be logged and tracked, helping even the busiest homes keep hydration front of mind as part of a balanced lifestyle. This is especially helpful in ensuring that you’re keeping to your new year’s water consumption goals! The GROHE Ondus app can also be used to directly notify users when the filter or CO2 bottles need to be replaced and allows for direct reordering straight from the app.

Keep your kitchen looking fresh

GROHE Blue Home also makes for a real eye-catcher in every kitchen, no matter the style or décor choice. It’s available in both Chrome and SuperSteel finishes and has three different spout versions designed to fit any sink or kitchen including a pull-out mousseur head that provides ultimate flexibility for quick and easy food preparation and kitchen chores.

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