InSinkErator previewed new range of taps

InSinkErator previews new range of additional taps

InSinkErator® previewed its new range of taps at kbb. The modern 3010 and 3020 taps, a collection of additional steaming hot water taps will be available in two shapes, J or U, and six metallic finishes, including brand new finishes Arctic Steel or Brushed Bronze as well as the on-trend finish of Velvet Black.

The InSinkErator® FHC3010 and FHC3020 models, safely dispense steaming hot water and ambient cold filtered water, while the FH3010 and FH3020 taps provide instant steaming hot water only. Benefitting from a 360° swivel spout and forward moving lever control, the new InSinkErator® additional taps are versatile and easy-to-use. What’s more, the hot water lever boasts a self-closing, automatic shut-off mechanism, ensuring the flow of water stops immediately, for added safety in the kitchen.

The NeoTank, supplied with the Modern 3010 and 3020 taps, can be to set to the users desired water temperature with ease, using the digital touch-screen control panel. Users can set the temperature between 88°C and 99°C, which is ideal for connoisseurs of freshly ground coffee and the perfect cup of tea. What’s more, the InSinkErator® NeoTank is compact with a capacity of 2.5 litres and therefore doesn’t take up too much valuable cupboard space.

The InSinkErator® Modern 3010 and 3020 taps come complete with a two year, in-home, limited warranty on the tap, and a two year parts and labour limited warranty on the tank.

Marco Pastore, Product Manager, Europe and Russia InSinkErator®, says: “We’re introducing the Modern 3010 and 3020 taps to expand our offering of additional taps. The new taps will be available in either a traditional J Shape or modern U Shape and in a range of on-trend metallic finishes, including Brushed Bronze, to complement a variety of tastes and styles.

“The instant availability of steaming hot water is an invaluable and convenient addition to the kitchen, making everyday tasks much quicker and saving precious worktop space as the consumer no longer needs a kettle cluttering up their worktop.”

The Modern 3010 and 3020 additional taps as part of the InSinkErator® Showroom Collection.

Key features and benefits of the new range of ISinkErator® FHC3010/20 steaming hot water taps:

  • Additional tap with a solid, premium brass composition, adding extended reliability
  • Dispenses both filtered steaming hot water and filtered ambient cold water
  • Comes with a compact water tank of 2.5 litres, the NeoTank, that takes up little valuable cupboard space
  • The innovative NeoTank features a digital, adjustable thermostat, enabling users to set the desired temperature of the water between 88°C and 99°C
  • Hot water lever benefits from a self-closing, Automatic shut-off mechanism for added safety
  • Forward moving levers and highly versatile 360° swivel spout
  • Two year in-home limited warranty on the tap and two year parts and labour limited warranty on the tank, for peace of mind
  • Available in finishes of Arctic Steel, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Steel, Chrome,  Polished Nickel or Velvet Black
  • Available in a J Shape (FHC3010) or U Shape (FHC3020)
  • Also available dispensing steaming hot water only: J Shape (FH3010) or U Shape (FH3020)
  • Dimensions: tap height: 228.6 mm x width: 99.1 mm
  • FH3010/20 dimensions: tap height: 228.6 mm x width: 73.7 mm

For more information on the InSinkErator® Modern 3010 and 3020 additional taps, please consult your Account Manager or visit the website at

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