Kitchen sink designs for your next project

Kitchen sink design ideas

Kitchen sinks come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so when it comes to selecting your new addition, you will be spoilt for choice. An undermount sink sits neatly underneath the worktop, delivering a chic, streamlined look.  Inset sinks remain popular and work well in traditional or contemporary kitchens.

When deciding on materials, granite composite sinks are ideal if you are looking for a strong and durable kitchen sink. Available in an array of colours such as charcoal, greys, browns and blacks, they will complement most countertop materials and kitchen design schemes. Aruba from Carron Phoenix is easy to install thanks to its patented Easy-Fix clip system. It is also available in enchanting hues such as jet black, graphite, stone grey, champagne and polar white.

Stainless steel is durable, practical, easy to maintain and delivers a clean and contemporary look. Abode’s Studio sink (shown here as an inset sink) can also be undermounted, it’s compact design makes it perfect for kitchens where space is limited, or as an additional sink for large kitchens.

Traditional fireclay sinks are also durable and resistant to wear and tear, yet deliver a classic, sophisticated feel.  However this doesn’t have to mean they are traditional in style, for example Reginox’s Tuscany ceramic sink features a contemporary, slimline design that is just as at home in a loft apartment or penthouse.

Dave Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director of Reginox gives us his thoughts on what trends we can expect to see this year.

“Stainless steel will continue to dominate, particularly with the ongoing introduction of new coloured stainless steel products such as RegiColor and PVD coatings, the latter of which is proving particularly popular at the moment with the current trend for all things metallic.

“Coloured sinks and taps will continue to grow in 2020 but, it has to be said, the growth of colour is really just focused on one colour – grey (albeit in many shades!)  It’s been THE colour favoured by homeowners for the past few years and you only have to visit any big kitchen retailer showroom to see how truly massive grey has become within the kitchen.  This is reflected in our coloured sink sales – across both our RegiColor coloured stainless steel collection and our Harlem coloured granite collection, the fastest-growing colour in terms of sales is grey.  I can’t see that changing in 2020.

“With the current trend for metallic finishes, PVD sinks and taps will continue to see growth in 2020.  Currently PVD sinks are available mainly in gold and copper finishes (which, incidentally, look fabulous teamed with grey granite worksurfaces), but this has the potential for growth as PVD coating can be produced in a wide range of colours including blue, red and purple.”