Next-gen cooking technology: Elevating kitchen design and functionality


Gone are the days when consumers prioritised low cost over quality when buying kitchen appliances, knowing that they would inevitably have to replace them in just a few years’ time. Now, homeowners want to know they are not causing unnecessary waste for the planet. They want to make an investment. They want cooking appliances that look good and work even better.

Great range

Few things are more of a showstopper in the kitchen than the range cooker. While designed for high function, it also never fails to draw the eye, and new iterations of the classic appliance mean it can suit any kitchen style, not just traditional aesthetics.

Rangemaster’s Elise Luxe range cooker boasts a sleek yet eye-catching design and includes dual fuel and induction hob versions. Its Slate and Stainless Steel colour options give it that professional feel, while its Antique Brass trim ties into the current trend of warm metallics and colours that evoke senses of calm and nature.

“Range cookers are a timeless staple in kitchens, and we are witnessing an evolution in consumer preferences,” says Rangemaster marketing manager Emma Cowley.

“These multifunctional appliances seamlessly adapt to different kitchen design aesthetics, from traditional and contemporary to ‘scandi’ and minimalist styles.”

Rangemaster nature-inspired mineral green

Pictured above and top: Rangemaster Elise Luxe Range 

Better together

As high function remains a key purchasing factor for consumers, its amalgamation with the ongoing trend for simplicity and minimalism has produced some sleek cooking appliances for the kitchen. In response to customer demand, Franke has expanded its 2gether hob extractor range with four new models across its Mythos, Maris and Smart families.

These all-in-one cooking and extraction appliances give homeowners the freedom they want when designing their kitchens. They remove the need for typical overhead extraction solutions so that homeowners don’t have to brace themselves for clouds of steam, splatters of grease, and lingering odours every time they cook.

These new models from Franke also offer easy access to the filter, which can be replaced from above and cleaned in the dishwasher. Features like this make it more likely that homeowners will stay on top of the general upkeep of their appliances, increasing their lifespans and making them as energy-efficient as possible. The hob extractors’ sleek black glass surfaces make them a discreet feature of the kitchen, and their A+ energy ratings will reassure homeowners that they’re getting the most for their money in terms of sustainability and performance.

Kitchens Review Franke's Maris 2gether

Franke 2gether hob extraction

Cooking in a circular economy

Consumers are increasingly looking to technology-driven appliances to make their kitchens as eco-friendly as possible, says Beko Europe UK communications and government relations director Ian Moverley, noting that induction hobs and smart ovens are still growing ever popular.

“These innovations not only meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products but also offer practical benefits like lower utility bills and improved cooking experiences,” he notes.

“There’s also a growing emphasis on repairability and durability, which aligns with the broader movement towards a circular economy.”

However, Moverley adds that price does remain a “primary concern” for consumers thanks to the cost-of-living issues still being faced across the country. Thankfully, more and more people are finding value in the ethos of investing once in a good product instead of spending less on a quick fix, but Moverley notes that for many, sustainability is more of an “added bonus” than the driving factor.

“We focus on the lifetime cost versus the initial purchase price, ensuring customers understand that energy-efficient machines are cheaper to run over their lifetime and more sustainable,” he says. The brand has had a zero waste-to-landfill policy since 2019.


Something’s in the air

Air fryers have swiftly become a must-have in home kitchens. They offer a convenient and healthier alternative to traditional frying methods, utilising hot air circulation to achieve the crispiness of fried foods with significantly less oil. This makes them an attractive option for health-conscious consumers. 

In keeping with the desire for multifunctional products, Miele has noted the explosion in popularity of air fryers over the last few years and created its new H2766-1 BP Oven with AirFry Function to take the movement “to the next level,” eliminating the need for a separate, countertop appliance.

“Air fryers have gained huge popularity over the last couple of years, as consumers sought out energy-saving appliances as well as a healthier way to cook,” says Miele GB kitchens manager Tom Hopper.


Miele H2766-1 Oven with AirFry function

Back to the grind

So simplicity, sustainability and high functionality are the key selling points for today’s consumers revamping their kitchens. When it comes to food prep and cooking, those driving forces can open the door to other products that will make a modern kitchen as efficient and streamlined as possible.

“Every part of the room is precious when someone is looking to optimise their kitchen, therefore products which are powerful, high-quality and do not take up too much space — or those which can be hidden — are real assets,” says Anne Kaarlela, InSinkErator Europe marketing communications and customer service manager.

InSinkErator has redesigned its Evolution Plus 1000SR food waste disposer to have a more powerful motor while being reduced in size, making it an easier fit for smaller kitchens. The brand notes that it is the most powerful of its models to date, with technology that offers four grind stages, meaning it can tackle more food waste which can then be composted or separated for waste collection as per council instructions. It offers a tidy and efficient way of ending the cooking process with minimal fuss for the modern, eco-conscious cook.

Kitchens-Review-InSinkErator-Next-Gen_waste-disposers- Evolution-Plus

Insinkerator Evolution Plus 1000 SR

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