Design Trends

Kitchen trends to suit every style

As we continue to spend more time at home now than ever before, and our kitchens become increasingly multi-functional, there are plenty of ways to inject new life into the heart of the home.

Incorporating reclaimed wood into your design

An extremely versatile material, reclaimed wood can be used in many areas of the kitchen space – from eye-catching worktops, to feature walls and even on the floor to ensure a cohesive interior scheme; the design possibilities are truly endless.

Six ways to create a successful open-plan kitchen

Open-plan kitchens have many benefits from keeping an eye on kids whilst cooking, to bringing the family together in one space for quality time.

The interior design updates homeowners regret

An ‘industrial overdo’ of your home can decrease your property value by up to 10%, we have discovered a sizable 61% of Brits regret making their homes too ‘industrial’.

Pastificio Propaganda restaurant has a retro edge

The 190 square meter Pastificio Propaganda restaurant in Italy has been extended with a new enlargement project to cater for an additional 100 covers.

Tim Spann of Keller talks lifestyle and kitchens

Tim Spann is National Sales Manager UK for Keller Kitchens, we caught up with him this week to talk about kitchen design trends.

Transform the kitchen Rosemary Shrager style!

Homeowners looking to update their kitchen and include a certain style or item and can be inspired by famed chef, Rosemary Shrager.

2020 colour trend predictions from Nina Bailey

Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager at Formica Group has compiled her kitchen trend predictions for the new year.