Smart technology – kitchen & appliance design

Novy Panorama PRO Smart Appliances

As technologies keep evolving, consumers are not only comfortable with smart innovations in the home; they expect to see connected integration as standard.

From finding out the latest news from Alexa to app-controlled washing machines, ovens and even extractor hoods, there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from being in control of each household element.

Smart Appliances

Owain Harrison, country manager of Novy agrees “Smart appliances are only truly smart when they deliver the utmost convenience for the user. Being able to control and regulate your extractor using an app on your smartphone or tablet whilst you are socialising at the dining table is one solution.

“Going one step further, an appliance that uses a smart sensor to activate and adjust its own settings offers the ultimate convenience for the busy cook as no manual intervention is required at all. This type of touch-free technology is definitely a trend to look out for in the future.”

Voice Activated

Intuitively designed voice-activated products take the leg-work out of operating a new device. Instead of reading a manual, we can interact with our devices simply by speaking.  NEFF’s voice control feature on its extractor hood is managed via Amazon Alexa through Home Connect. If you need to change the extraction rate, this hands-free option means you can ask Alexa to assist.

Smart Kitchens

Smart technology is not just for appliances either; Scavolini has updated its popular Dandy furniture range, the Dandy Plus, kitchen (pictured top), living room and bathroom furniture collections now include a built-in Amazon Alexa.

Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini, tells us they had been thinking about the increasing presence of technology in our everyday activities and in our homes and wanted to combine tradition with technology, he explains “Our Made in Italy tradition, teamed with cutting-edge technological research, led to this extraordinary project, which looks to the near future while reinventing our past.”

Smart Taps

Smart home products also extend to the not-so-humble tap. Catering for the home ‘water hub’ BLANCO  brings the latest innovations to water delivery. Smartly rounding off your state-of-the-art kitchen design,  BLANCO’s  EVOL-S Pro Hot and Filter lets users pre-set a precise amount of filtered boiling or filtered cold water via the EVOL rotary dial.