waste reduction inisnkerator European Week

European week for waste reduction

InSinkErator® champions the aims and objectives of the European Week for Waste Reduction initiative and is challenging households to make positive lifestyle changes to reduce their food and plastic waste...

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Karcham Dam carbon neutral grohe sustainability

GROHE goes carbon neutral by 2020

As early as 2000, GROHE committed itself in its "principles and guidelines for sustainability" to continuously improving all products, processes and services in terms of protecting the environment and conserving resources.

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CRL Stone - CRL Quartz brochure

New CRL Quartz brochure from CRL Stone

Printed on high-quality gloss paper, the new CRL Quartz brochure from CRL Stone portrays the sheer beauty of the quartz surfaces, with beautiful real-life imagery to inspire at the turn of every page.

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Sensio Lighting Virtual Worlds 3D 4D

Sensio range of lighting now on Virtual Worlds

Adding an extra dimension of realism to bathroom designs, the Sensio range of lighting solutions is now available on Virtual Worlds.

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Rosemary Shrager Granite Trend Transformations

Transform the kitchen Rosemary Shrager style!

Homeowners looking to update their kitchen and include a certain style or item and can be inspired by famed chef, Rosemary Shrager.

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