Smart appliance solutions from Novy

Novy features a number of smart solutions within its appliance collection. The majority of its wall-mounted, built-in, canopy and ceiling hoods feature Novy Connect, where the hood can be activated and adjusted using a Wi-Fi enabled app on a smartphone or tablet.

Panorama Collection

Novy Connect is also available in its wide range of vented downdraft induction hobs including the award-winning Panorama collection (pictured top). Now available in 90cm and new 120cm configurations, the Novy Panorama features a powerful uninterrupted panoramic induction hob in front of an opaque glass ventilation tower that rises by up to 30cm from within the surface of the hob itself. Using the app, the tower’s height can be controlled to be at the same height as the pans in front of it, and the extraction speed can also be regulated. Because extraction takes place directly behind the pans, the Panorama is high energy and very quiet with a minimum noise level of 41dB and a maximum of 60db – the equivalent to the sound of conversation.

Novy Pureline Connect Smart Appliances
Novy Pureline Compact PRO 90cm Intuitive Ceiling Hood

Novy Pureline PRO

Featuring touch-free AI technology, the new Pureline PRO and Pureline Compact PRO 90cm or 120cm Ceiling Hoods are completely intuitive. Each model features Novy Sense, a special sensor that detects cooking vapours rising from the pans beneath it will activate and will then automatically adjust to a more powerful extraction level when required. When cooking has ended, it will automatically switch off, thus requiring no manual intervention for optimal extraction in the kitchen. It has a maximum flow rate of 618m³/h and is very quiet with a minimum noise level of 41dB and a maximum noise level of 61dB, even measuring the air quality in the kitchen.

Novy’s extensive collection of induction hobs feature InTouch technology where the hob and Novy cooker hood installed above it communicates via radio frequency. This enables the user to control the extraction speed using touch controls on the hob making all the functions of both appliances within easy.


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