Rossana Kitchens ISØLA project combines beauty & aesthetics

Founded in Italy in 1953 Rossana Kitchens sets a benchmark for contemporary, high-end kitchen design and works with some of the most internationally recognised designers – such as Michele De Lucchi and the late Giancarlo Iliprandi – to create striking and practical kitchens.

“We’re incredibly proud of our heritage at Rossana,” Michael Michael Rossana’s UK sales director tells us “It’s ingrained in our DNA to strive for the very best. To achieve that, we work with the very best in the business to create lasting impressions that are built to stand the test of time.”

Carlo Colombo affirms that the “ISØLA” project represents the synthesis between function and aesthetics and comments “I decided to shape materials and styles through an evolutionary process that falls into the category of pure and dynamic language. The project’s inspiration is the architectural component that presents itself through well-defined shapes and strong lines, and has made it possible to design the island both horizontally and vertically, transforming it into a piece of art.”

About Rossana

Rossana’s kitchens have been displayed in some of the world’s best art institutes. In 1972, they became the first kitchen brand to be displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York with their ISOLA model, designed by Iliprandi.

Rossana Isola
Rossana ISØLA Milano Ambientate

Michael continues “The quality of what we do is a constant across the board. Our kitchens are a statement as much as they are anything else. A kitchen is often the heart of a home so it needs to provide everything you would expect it to – that’s what drives us to keep pushing the boundaries of how we create our units.”

In 2009, Rossana became part of Colombini Group – one of the biggest furniture businesses in Italy. “Joining the Colombini Group meant we got the best of both worlds. We could continue to do what we do best but scale to a much larger market. For instance, it’s allowed us to expand to the UK and bring that ethos to a new customer base here, as well as expand our offering of lifestyle furniture to other areas of the home, including dressing rooms and living rooms, across varying price points.”

Rossana’s flagship UK store opened in London in 2015. Situated in Mayfair, the showroom allows customers to experience the full range of the Rossana catalogue – from marble and burnished brass finishes to stainless steel and special wood.

“The natural materials and the metal parts are treated in a way that fully brings to life such materials and completes the process; the environment and the compositions full of sparks and details create harmony and aggregate capacity in the domestic layout.” concludes Michael.

If you would like to see the Rossana collection you can visit their showroom on 17 Duke St, London alongside visiting their website at

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