The Corner Fridge

The Corner Fridge requires  just 1m2 of floor and  makes use of a corner –  an often wasted space –  to provide you with generous 1,300 litres of storage capacity, five times the space offered  by a conventional refrigerator.

Available as a free standing unit or easily integrated into most kitchen furniture brands, the capacious interior acts as a central store for an entire households provisions.

The Corner Fridge offers unique levels of flexibility, usability and performance. Its ability to allow fresh air to more freely circulate around produce than a regular, tightly packed conventional refrigerator, sees food stay fresher for longer. Combine this with ‘A’ rated, energy efficiency (reducing the need for multiple shops) and you achieve savings in both time and ongoing expenditure.


With its easy to clean, anti-bacterial finish, spacious proportions and high quality adjustable chrome shelves,  The Corner Fridge is easy to live with and versatile enough to store all types of produce – even bulky items such as cases of wine, bags of potatoes or multipack boxes.


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