Under-cabinet Haag cooker hood updated

Haag has introduced a new update for its classic under-cabinet cooker hood. The CORONA Micro uses the latest extraction technology with a true and tested design.

Perfectly efficient with quiet operation, this space-saving under-cabinet hood uses the highest quality materials.  It is  easy to maintain and its elegant design make this hood really popular. This hood’s capacity is higher than average to other models, yet the sound volume is lower.

The Corona Micro features:

– convenient ergonomic control
– modern LED lighting: long life, more efficient, better light performance!!!
– patented silencing system for hood casing
– patented system for vibration elimination
– Activated carbon filter installation (also patented)
– easily cleaned aluminium grease filter
– possibility of using carbon filters (it can be used in a closed circulation mode)

For easy cleaning, an aluminium grease filter is used, and then simply washed in hot water with detergent.  Furthermore, there is also the option of installing a carbon filter via a simple and easy installation system.

Another advantage of this under-cabinet hood is an innovative silencing system 

These qualities make the CORONA Micro cooker hood an object of great demand thanks to its unique design and functionality.

Included at purchase:

– Cooker Hood

– Lighting bulbs (already installed)

– Grease filter (already installed)

– Adapter

– Instruction and warranty

For further information visit Haag


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