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2022 interior trends according to the experts

As 2021 draws to a close, it is now time to look ahead and see what patterns, colours, shapes and styles will be on-trend in the world of interiors in 2022. We hear from the leading experts in design to share their predictions on what we should expect to see trending in 2022. 

Goddard Littlefair Jo Littlefair, Co-Founder and Director

Goddard Littlefair

Above: Casson Square Penthouse, a project by Goddard Littlefair 

“Trends in our experience are always a result of a reaction to or against something that has already been prevalent. In fashion, these trends are historically fast-moving, while interior trends are longer-lived. We clearly see that nature and the environment, never far from news headlines, is having a very strong impact on considerations for our interiors.

“We are actively seeking materiality that is long-lasting and timeless while our clients are increasingly interested in investment pieces be that in artworks, antiques or bespoke furniture of quality. Considering these factors leads to an interior that has the capability to transcend fashion and therefore be long lasting, underpinning our increasingly essential environmental awareness.

2022 Interior Trends
Mondrian Shoreditch, a project by Goddard Littlefair 

“In turn, surrounding ourselves with natural and renewable materiality is something we see growing in appeal. In terms of wellness which has long been a trend on our radar, it’s an emerging understanding that as human beings, an integral part of the natural world we relax and respond positively to means being surrounded by similar shaped organisms. That’s why exercising outdoors gives us much more of an endorphin rush compared to an indoor man-made space. Embracing and utilising this understanding in spaces where we need to unwind and relax is key.

“Lastly and in complete contrast to the above relatively sensible and earnest trends, we acknowledge the human kick-back from the shackles of the last two years. Our world maybe more uncertain than we imagined it to be from that insecurity there comes a feeling that we need to seize the day. Every day. Flamboyance, individuality and humour translate into a myriad of maximal decorating schemes. In a new environment where social media encourages a homogenous international design approach, we increasingly seek out the unique and personal aesthetics that speak to our sensibilities. Most importantly, we feel there is room for both approaches to equally relax and excite us.”

Pictured top – The Mayfair Townhouse, a project by Goddard Littlefair 

Piglet in BedJessica Hanley, Founder

“As a reaction to our world becoming increasingly virtual or rather ‘meta’, I think we’ll continue to see a trend for people searching for a return to pastoral living as a way to anchor themselves to the idyllic, rural lifestyle of the past.

Interior Trends 2022 piglet in bed

“We’ve seen it with the huge influence of #cottagecore – the desire to bring natural and more sustainable materials into your home – whether it’s replacing your plastic and mass-manufactured dish brush with a wooden one, or opting for 100% linen bedding –  we find those natural textures are hard to replicate in a virtual world or metaverse.

“In 2022 I think cottage core will have more of a modern influence; more modern pastoral than shabby chic. Forest green has had a huge moment in 2021 in part due to this return to nature, in 2022 I think we’ll continue to see green as a favourite colour but with the world feeling a bit more optimistic than it has the past few years, we might see the colour of the moment transition to lighter sage green. 

“In a similar vein, I believe we’ll continue to see a trend for people looking for a slower lifestyle as a reaction to the fast-paced lifestyle that advances in technology enable. Whilst you can easily make a coffee with a click of a button these days, we’re now seeing a huge trend for people using more traditional pour-over coffee makers that require time and effort, because actually, the process itself is a romantic and enjoyable start to your morning. So I guess we can expect this trend of creating a slower, romanticized life for yourself continuing, with comfort and cosiness being key.” 

La Manufacture CogolinSarah Henry, Executive Director of La Manufacture Cogolin

Interior Design Trends 2022

“Cosy & fresh … As we all have been spending so much time at home over the past couple of years, and adapting to working at least part-time from home, relaxed and comfortable environments should be more en vogue than formal ones in 2022.

“Cosy furniture, un-fussy design, classic proportions with more contemporary, innovative shapes. And to leave our Covid doldrums behind, a bit of soft, fresh colour – light greens and blues to bring the outside in. Outdoor furniture & rugs will also continue to be a focus, as we are investing in our outdoor environments at home more than in travel.”

Champalimaud DesignWinston Kong, Partner at Champalimaud Design

“In 2022 we expect to see a return to glamour. Some of our clients have moved away from the streamlined modernity that’s seemingly everywhere to an aesthetic that focuses a bit more on objects that feel handmade, crafted, or detailed. We also expect a stronger use of colour vs the tone-on-tone schemes that have been so prevalent for the last few years.” 

Winston continues, “Within the multi-family and private residential sector, we expect to see amenities that celebrate social gatherings such as private bars, both inside and outside. We will also see places to work from home in, whether it is a den, studio, or even a return to business centres within the Public Amenities of high rise buildings.”

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