A great kbb for BlUM

A great kbb for Blum

Although kbb fell at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic which had caused concern that the show would not be successful, in fact, Blum has reported their 324 square metre stand was complimented on by everyone. Blum delivered luxurious spaciousness, with some genuinely innovative products and ideas.

One of the most exciting innovations was the booth featuring Alexa opening and closing cabinets on demand! But with the new SPACE STEP, SHELF LOCK, AVENTOS HK top, Easystick and MINIPRESS top and new LEGRABOX options, there was certainly something for everyone.


SPACE STEP delivers multiple benefits to an area that is frequently left unused: the cabinet plinth. The plinth solution by Blum extends with a single touch and can be used as a step. Good for everyone. Children, for example, can reach kitchen worktops more easily and lend a helping hand with cooking and baking. Space Step also makes little ones more independent in bathrooms: they can reach the washbasin and wash their hands and brush their teeth by themselves. As for “big” users, the step gives them easy access to higher levels, be it wall cabinets in kitchens or hat racks in hallways. But that’s not all. The clever plinth solution by Austrian manufacturer of fittings, Blum fulfils another function: the top of the step can be simply pushed back into the cabinet to reveal a pull-out underneath. This is where Space Step creates extra storage space for seldom used storage items.

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Pull-out shelves with MOVENTO and TANDEM

Pull-out shelves with MOVENTO and TANDEM runners by Blum can now be easily locked in position. The new pull-out shelf lock has a two-sided locking mechanism which can be easily released with one hand thanks to a synchronisation shaft. Shelves are secure even when kitchen gadgets are used on top of them. Blum now offers an easy-to-use pull-out shelf lock for full extensions which ensures that shelves will not wobble nor will they slide back into cabinets. Devices are held securely in place even when in use or in operation. The two-sided locking mechanism, which locks the shelf in position, can be easily released with one hand. Pull-out shelves significantly increase the quality of living in living areas throughout the home. Read more



AVENTOS HK top is the latest addition to the AVENTOS range. Combined with a newly developed SERVO-DRIVE unit it offers enhanced opening and closing convenience. The new fitting is small in size and yet comes with innovative features that make installation and start-up easy. Minimalist stay lift and top motion technology all rolled into one – that’s AVENTOS HK top with SERVO-DRIVE by Blum. AVENTOS HK top excels in terms of small installation size and integrated features. The new stay lift is installed close to the cabinet top panel. Thanks to its linear design, it blends discreetly into tall units and wall cabinets

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Lisa Robinson, Marketing Manager at Blum UK commented, “kbb 2020 was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our new way of thinking. Moving Ideas. It gave us the opportunity to make new relationships, as well as building on existing ones, which is always essential to us. All in all the show certainly delivered.”

As well as products, Blum launched their new MOVING IDEAS brand promise, with seven central pillars; Quality of Living, Trust, Quality, Product Range, Inspiration, Services and Innovation. These were explored in full on the stand, with various displays explaining how the concept is applied to every area of their business. When customers join Blum, be they manufacturers, retailers, fitters or the end user, the whole Moving Ideas concept swings into action, meaning that every one of the seven pillars is considered in order to give the best possible experience.


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