Abode – 5 key kitchen trends shaping the wash-zone

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps & sinks, Pronteau hot water taps, bathroom taps & showering solutions reveal 5 Key Kitchen Trends helping to the shape the UK wash-zone with comment from Paul Illingworth, design manager.


The kitchen revels in three style trends this year with Scandinavian design, new traditional, and a confident use of colour coming out on top.

Gaining popularity in the early 20th century, the latest Scandi interiors are exploring softer, natural design elements which promote a balanced aesthetic and greater sense of wellbeing. By definition, the 2023 Scandi kitchen is founded on top-tier originality such as taps with real beech wood handles, subtle painted finishes, and engineered sinks with clean, minimalist lines.

The new traditional trend is focussing on a decorative presentation of quality raw materials with straight knurled hardware becoming the next big thing in taps. Defining lever handles, spout collars and even door fronts, quality metals carefully etched with straight lines are now giving the traditional kitchen access to this popular technique, which last year saw the diamond-cut pattern represented heavily in the industrial kitchen.

Colour continues to be guided by nature, with this year’s palette welcoming a confident use of accent colours across the finishing touches in 2023. Stand-out colours in subtle shades of pink-red and calming grey-putty hues will emerge this year and introduce new life to the kitchen mixer tap.


The latest sinks are now being specified in a range of contemporary materials with ceramic and granite proving popular in 2023. Thanks to the sheer variety, strength in material and hygiene properties, these materials are lending themselves to lifestyle-friendly wash zones, able to withstand the pressures of a modern-day kitchen.

Extremely durable, granite sinks are on the rise due to being a low maintenance option which is heat, stain and scratch resistant. Naturally providing an anti-bacterial surface for enhanced hygiene, granite sinks are available in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles with 2023 embracing darker shades of black and grey, and either undermounted or inset installation for a flush finish.

Ceramic is answering demand in the classic kitchen with a new twist being a modern-day splash of colour in 2023. The much-loved butler sink is now equally at home in industrial-inspired kitchens. as well as more traditional farmhouse schemes offering a generous depth for soaking pans and bakeware. This year, two-bowl options remain a luxurious choice and premium manufacturers also offering one and half bowl models will be an increasingly popular way to give you a dedicated wet zone for food prep or handwashing to support hygiene.


Experiencing huge levels of market growth, controllable 75-98º instant filtered steaming hot and cold water is now considered in 40% of all new kitchen installations with 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 models coming to the fore and demonstrating a huge range of features, benefits and styles. For example. unique switching technology delivers an extra layer of safety with key fob-style controls which must be in place to activate hot water boilers. These magnetic devices are just one example of how the 2023 kitchen will be embracing beautifully designed brassware to fully support multi-generational households, the fastest-growing family type in the UK.  

The ‘one size fits all’ chrome hot water tap is now a thing of the past as the increasing desire for customisation in the 2023 home means this must-have item is available in contemporary, traditional and on-trend industrial style designs. In fact, 2023 will definitely be the year of the hot tap as the market is extending its offer to include exciting new combinations of classic and cutting-edge designs in a range of atypical, combination finishes.


Managing workflow at the sink to optimise efficient food prep will be a big part of the work zone this year, so look out for integrated accessories such as chopping boards, colanders, and flex racks so that the essential food prep tool kit is designed to fit the sink perfectly for a much better user experience. Larger style formats have become a popular choice in high utility kitchens, providing ample space to wash generous sized pots and roasting pans, rinse fruit and vegetables, and help with essential food prep and deep cleaning. This trend will include a fresh look at pull-out taps and hand sprays which will add more convenience when rinsing and cleaning.


There’s no doubt that sustainability by design will be the beating heart of the 2023 kitchen as premium products go to the next level to play a key role in the face of inflation, higher utility bills and the global climate crisis. Hero products will include flow limited filtered water taps to enhance family health and wellness while reducing the consumption of bottled water and helping more households to go plastic-free.

Manufacturers are upping their game by creating and promoting initiatives for disposable products such as recyclable water filters to make it as convenient as possible for us all to reuse and recycle single-use items. As public demand for more information about how environmentally friendly kitchen components are, 2023 will see more businesses openly discussing how they operate to deliver the best for their staff, customers and the planet.

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