Movento and Tandem pull out shelf

Blum’s practical lock for MOVENTO and TANDEM

Pull-out shelves with MOVENTO and TANDEM runners by Blum can now be easily locked in position. The new pull-out shelf lock has a two-sided locking mechanism which can be easily released with one hand thanks to a synchronisation shaft. Shelves are secure even when kitchen gadgets are used on top of them.

Blum now offers an easy-to-use pull-out shelf lock for full extensions which ensures that shelves will not wobble nor will they slide back into cabinets. Devices are held securely in place even when in use or in operation. The two-sided locking mechanism, which locks the shelf in position, can be easily released with one hand. Pull-out shelves significantly increase the quality of living in living areas throughout the home. They create additional worktop and shelf space and give users easy access to appliances. Pull-out shelves are ideal for files, printers and scanners in offices, are a practical solution for sound systems in living rooms and are just the job for coffee machines and food processors in kitchens. Not to forget the extra counter space they provide in home bars and utility rooms.

Added value for pull-out shelves
Thanks to its sleek look and space-saving construction, the pull-out shelf lock makes it easy to implement beautifully designed and practical furniture.  The solution is compatible with Blum’s MOVENTO and TANDEM runner systems. It can be easily incorporated in the manufacture of pull-out shelves and can be mounted and installed in no time. For utmost user convenience, equip pull-out shelves with motion technologies such as BLUMOTION, TIP-ON BLUMOTION or TIP-ON.
The pull-out shelf lock will be available from spring 2020.

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