CRL Stone

CRL Stone: Durable, beautiful surfaces

Durability and ease of maintenance are two of the most important considerations when specifying worktops for the kitchen. The surface chosen undoubtedly needs to be hard-wearing and suitable for such an environment, however as an always visible part of the kitchen, it needs to work aesthetically too. CRL Stone offers the ideal solution with its range of quartz and ceramic surfaces, designed to meet the needs of modern living, while ...

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CRL Stone: Ceralsio

Ceralsio ceramic surfaces from CRL Stone tap into the huge move towards this material for worktops that is coming out of Europe. With a shift towards surfaces with thinner profiles also evident in interior design, the surfaces are 12mm thick and available in an extra-large slab format, enabling them to be used to create surfaces with practically no joints, ensuring continuity and visual appeal. Suitable for worktops, splash backs and flooring, ...

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