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Formica Group’s anti-fingerprint worktop heralds new era in kitchen surface design

The matte finish has become increasingly popular in recent years but traditionally its prominence in kitchen design has been subdued by its impracticality as fingerprints and marks show up easily on standard surfaces. Addressing this issue, Formica Group has used patented technology to develop Formica Infiniti® Worktops, an anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface.

The worktop’s micro-contours diffuse light to give the surface a depth of colour, providing its marble, wood and stone look decors with a visual authenticity. The same contours that give the surface its water repellent qualities also channel moisture away from fingerprints so they don’t leave marks.




With its moleskin-like texture, Formica Infiniti Worktops add a sensorial dimension to the kitchen. Whether consciously or not, we all have a tendency to touch the surfaces around us – the introduction of an ultra-smooth surface to your kitchen means not only does your worktop look good, it feels good too.



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