New Elements collection from AluSplash

Alusplash Elements Glacier Blue splashback
Glacier Blue

Part of the latest AluSplash Elements collection, the new Midnight Moon and Glacier Blue panels have been carefully curated to accentuate the presence of the elements in your home.

A versatile shade that can be used in any room of the home, blue adds a sense of calm and serenity to kitchen interiors.

Crafted with an opulent matte finish, the soothing hues provide a surface that embodies the true essence of the elements found in nature – transforming the heart of the home with a new and natural appeal.

For a softer blue finish, the soothing shade of Glacier Blue is the perfect combination of a serene, mountainous atmosphere, and works effortlessly with dramatic, dark tones. This soothing hue works particularly well with sleek marble surfaces, soft lilac cabinetry and hints of brushed brass for a luxurious aesthetic.

Similar in design to the rest of the AluSplash collections, Elements offers long-lasting functionality, with the added benefit of easy maintenance. The exceptionally detailed panels are grout free, non-porous as well as quick and easy to install. Making them the ultimate antibacterial backdrop. The manufacturing process also uses less energy and water than a glass alternative, making AluSplash a completely eco-friendly brand.

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