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Trekker Global releases new cladding colours for spring

Trekker Global has introduced three new colours to its collection of composite cladding for 2022 – Bronze, Earth and Pearl. Providing sustainable, high-quality composite cladding products, which are all FSC® certified, the new range covers light to dark options, that will suit any home.

Cladding is one of the most sought-after looks for outdoor design. As interior trends shift, homeowners and designers are now looking for more ways to be creative to achieve an on-trend look, not only inside the home, but outside too.

Stylish cladding can provide a beautiful addition or finishing touch to any garden renovation. The winter months are a great time to start planning a garden project ahead of the summer season. It is best to choose a cladding colour that complements and best suits the colours in the garden – whilst also making sure to measure the space carefully. To complete the look, choose the right finish to match, with Trekker Global’s collection of 12 different finishes – from polished, to wood grain, to sanded.

Trekker Global

Whether the space is small or large, Trekker Global’s cladding options can make a significant difference to the overall design and feel of a garden. Clad an outdoor office or garden shed in a larger space or use cladding for smaller elements to spruce up smaller outdoor areas, such as creating planter boxes or stairs. It is also important to consider how to integrate lighting into cladding to really make an area pop.

Easy to install with the ability to be worked just like wood, the composite cladding will not rot or warp, and needs very little maintenance. It is even anti-slip, especially helpful during the wetter months, all while being environmentally friendly.

Trekker Global is part of the Havwoods International Group.

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