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Surfaces take up a large expanse of any kitchen; worktops, floors and walls are all highly visible and always on show, particularly in the open-plan setting. This means that from an aesthetic viewpoint, the style and colours chosen really do matter and will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space overall.

Quartz and Ceralsio
Quartz and Ceralsio

Combining style with functionality, quartz and ceramic are popular material choices for kitchen surfaces, with both CRL Quartz and Ceralsio from CRL Stone offering plenty of opportunity to incorporate the latest trends into the home. CRL Quartz and Ceralsio kitchen worktops are also hardwearing, simple to clean and maintain, and highly suitable for such an environment.

Quartz and ceramic are non-porous, stain, scratch, heat and shock-resistant, as well as being very strong and simple to care for they are also offered in a wide range of colours and patterns.

The CRL Quartz and Ceralsio collections enable designers to tap into key trends such as the use of dark colours in the kitchen, marble-inspired patterning and natural-effect finishes. The elegance of marble accounts for much of its appeal, yet the material itself is not overly suited to the kitchen environment. Alternatives such as CRL Quartz and Ceralsio offer the opportunity to embrace this trend; although they can be chosen as imitations of natural materials such as marble and wood, quartz and ceramic don’t need to be sealed which means maintenance is straightforward.

Revised classy marble and granite patterns displaying elegant veins used on kitchen surfaces create a sophisticated ambience that is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. The ancestral charm of stone makes it one of the most popular materials in contemporary design, with materials such as quartz and ceramic ensuring that this look is solid, durable and extremely versatile.

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